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Thursday, May 15, 2008

dedicated hosting

Questions for dedicated hosting

Although not all the time, you will be requiring private ssl certificate. You can either use the free shared ssl provided, or use the third party merchant processing like paypal checkout, or 2CO payment processing. Where customer will be redirected to provider site to clear their payment.

For long term planning, you will need more than a shared hosting. For reliability and security reason, a vps hosting or a dedicated server is highly recommended. Although dedicated server might be very costly and most ecommerce sites are not requiring those huge processing power, in this case hostican vps hosting is most recommended.

When you ruminate on all of the arguments for Linux web hosting over Windows hosting (there are more as I don’t even mention the whole Apache stuff), the decision would seem to me to be a no brainer: Linux web hosting wins hands down as the operating system that you should choose if you want to have a stable, reliable and full featured site that takes advantage of the latest in web technologies.


Clearing DNS in Windows XP, Flush DNS, Flushing DNS.

Tue, 28 Nov 2006 23:59:45 +0000
Clearing DNS, Flushing DNS in Windows XP
I have found that a lot of people are confused when it comes to DNS works. I have found that it refreshes relatively fast, however the standard is 24 to 48 hours for the DNS to fully resolve to the new IP’s across the globe. If you want to ...]

To start with - 2 of the reseller hosting accounts that I had with and with disappeared in thin air.

Just like it happened with - it happened with these

two. With them many, many, many of my sites were off line as

you can imagine.

Free PHP Web Hosting Comparison

Tue, 23 Oct 2007 00:29:56 +0000

I saw this story at Web Host Magazine reporting on Web sites that naively call for user input, then fail to put strict checks on what that input may be, are susceptible to SQL injection attacks. Security is an oft overlooked issue for many of us who own and operate multiple sites. Now just might be a good time to check under the hood of your server for any potential exploits. Procrastinate on other things, not your site security!

We have avoided repetitions of any sort in the matter on dedicated hosting. However, if you do come across any repetitions, do bear with us.

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