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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Short web hosting forum Summary

Defination of web hosting forum

Polurnet shared review

Tue, 23 Oct 2007 03:10:45 +0000
One of my other sites is hosted by the folks over at Polurnet so they are due for a review. They have many different levels of shared or resellers hosting packages. The package that I use for one site is perfect for blogs. Its the BasicPaw Lite shared account. It costs $3.89 per month.
As I ...]

Even though I was assured that everything will be done

with ease, and smoothly, and it seemed to go well, after

all - it didn’t. Several of the IP addresses suddenly

went dead on my sites, and the sites with them.

Once you know that you are running Red Hat for example, you can get to the point with:

HTML Validator

Sun, 09 Mar 2008 03:47:52 +0000
Check the markup (HTML, XHTML, …) of Web documents:
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How to Migrate Your Linux Website to Another Hosting Company

Wed, 07 May 2008 12:48:34 GMT
A complete migration involves transferring the site data itself, meaning all the HTML and possibly PHP and MySQL files and CGI programs. You also need to modify the Domain Name System (DNS) information for the site and for the routing of the site email. DNS holds information that translates IP addresses to human-readable domain names. For Web site migration, the two important DNS records are the address (A) record, which tells the browser the IP address of the Web server, and the mail exchange (MX) record, which tells mail servers how to route the email.

Today`s suggestion:

Lunar Pages is the best host I've ever used. They excel in customer support. I
have had many questions about design issues and they helped me even though it
was not included. They have an outstanding community with 15,000 members -
Lunarforums - which is very informative if you've any questions or issue. The
questions get often answered in under 3 minutes. Their uptime is fantastic, I
noticed only 2 minutes downtime last year. When I signed up for Lunarpages, the
web space was 800 MB and bandwidth 20 GB. Now the web space is 3,000 MB and
bandwidth 400 GB (they upgraded my account free of charge). Seriously, they are
the best service around, couldn't ask for better.

Click Here to go to Lunar Pages

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