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Saturday, June 07, 2008

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Wouldn't It Be Great If There Were a ModernBill/StatCounter Mashup?

Mon, 19 Mar 2007 19:57:00 -0400

Over the past decade, I've bought and sold many millions worth of online ads. When I ran ISPcheck, I had no real answer for prospective advertisers who wanted to know what results my customers were able to achieve. And when I became responsible for RackShack/EV1's ad buys, I found that there was no easy way to measure ROI.

All I wanted to know at the time was how many visitors from TopHosts versus TheWHIR signed up. But as I've subsequently learned from Ted Smith at Peer 1, I should have been tracking customers throughout their lifecycle. If my cost per sale from Site A is 20% less than Site B, but the average account gets canceled 50% sooner, B would be a better long term investment.

A couple of weeks ago I convinced Ben Gabler at HostNine to install StatCounter, the better to look up new customers and find out where they came from, and which parts of HostNine's website they visited before deciding to sign up. (I've also used Clicktracks and Google Analytics, which provide aggregated data on visitor behavior, but don't allow you to drill down to each visitor's click path.) It just occur to me that it'd be very cool if this functionality were built into ModernBill.

Imagine being able to generate sales reports that tabulate order amounts against referring sources? Or pinpoint content on your site that's most-viewed by your most profitable new customers? Better yet, what if you could instantly compute the lifetime ROI from those $20 Google Adwords bids? Wouldn't you like to know if customers who clicked on your "cPanel hosting" ad stick around 3x longer than those who came through "cheap hosting"?

HostNine already gives all of its resellers free ModernBill licenses, and being able to automate signup/provisioning is awesome. But what if every $19.95 hosting plan came with a business intelligence system that delivers up-to-the-minute knowledge on what website copy and ad venues work? Wouldn't that be something?

AND, what if ModernBill could collect and publish aggregate, industry-wide data on how profitable TopHost-referred customers are, relative to those who came through TheWHIR? Having been on both sides of the table, I think that would really help both ad salespeople and media buyers.


Finding a good virtual Web hosting company can done by asking current and former customers about their experience. I know this may seem like a big pain in the ass, and maybe impractical, but think about how critical your web presence is to your operation. If you’re site goes offline due to a web hosts tech issue, you’ll very likely spend hours on the phone and on your email trying to get back up. Many online tools are available that can assist you to find an extremely reliable hosting service. With the myriad of choice available, it is necessary for the consumer to discriminate. Since shared Web hosting is conceived as only a low-end, low-margin commodity by the industry itself, it is necessary for the consumer to be very wary. There are literally thousands of hosts that offer shared and virtual Web hosting services. While many provide extremely good service, others provide service that is less than desirable. In order to find suitable Web hosts, consumers must conduct due diligence.

I’ll be back soon to make some recommendations based on my own research.

Managed Dedicated Web Hosting Service

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